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Home Base Physical Therapy Total Knee Replacement

Patients with severe destruction of the knee joint associated with progressive pain and impaired function maybe candidates for total knee replacement.  Osteoarthritis is the most common reason for knee replacement operation in the U.S.  

A knee replacement (also called knee arthroplasty) might be more accurately termed a knee “resurfacing” because only the surface of the bones are actually replaced.

There are four basic steps to a knee replacement procedure.

  • Prepare the bone. The damaged cartilage surfaces at the ends of the femur and tibia are removed along with a small amount of underlying bone.
  • Position the metal implants. The removed cartilage and bone is replaced with metal components that recreate the surface of the joint. These metal parts may be cemented or “press-fit” into the bone.
  • Resurface the patella. The undersurface of the patella (kneecap) is cut and resurfaced with a plastic button. Some surgeons do not resurface the patella, depending upon the case.
  • Insert a spacer. A medical-grade plastic spacer is inserted between the metal components to create a smooth gliding surface.

Physical Therapy After TKR

Physical Therapy is vitale in making a full recovery after a TKR.  At Home Base Physical Therapy in Morristown, NJ you will work one on one with a Physical Therapist in order to develop and execute a plan of care that best suites your needs.
Goals of treatment will be to regain full strength, full range of motion and return you to your previous functional level.

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