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Home Base Physical Therapy What is Tendonitis?

Tendonitis is inflammation of a tendon, which is a type of tendinopathy often confused with the more common tendinosis, which has similar symptoms but requires different treatment. The term tendonitis should be reserved for tendon injuries that involve larger-scale acute injuries accompanied by inflammation. Generally tendinitis is referred to by the body part involved, such as Achilles tendinitis (affecting the Achilles tendon), or patellar tendinitis (jumper’s knee, affecting the patellar tendon).

What is Bursitis?

Bursitis is the inflammation of one or more bursae (small sacs) of synovial fluid in the body. They are lined with a synovial membrane that secretes a lubricating synovial fluid. There are more than 150 bursae in the human body. The bursae rest at the points where internal functionaries, such as muscles and tendons, slide across bone. Healthy bursae create a smooth, almost frictionless functional gliding surface making normal movement painless. When bursitis occurs, however, movement relying on the inflamed bursa becomes difficult and painful. Moreover, movement of tendons and muscles over the inflamed bursa aggravates its inflammation, perpetuating the problem. Muscle can also be stiffened. Some examples of specific bursitis include: Prepatellar bursitis, Infrapatellar bursitis, Trochanteric bursitis (giving pain over lateral aspect of hip), Subacromial bursitis (giving shoulder pain) is the most common form of bursitis.

How Can Home Base Physical Therapy Help?

At Home Base Physical Therapy, you will be working one on one with a Physical Therapist at all times.  The Physical Therapist will develop an individualized plan of care for each patient’s specific needs. 

Tendonitis and Bursitis are treated with a variety of methods included but not limited to:  Ice, electric stimulation, kinesiotaping, graston technique, transverse friction massage, graston technique, myofascial release, strengthening and stretching.  

All cases are different. Determining the underlying cause of inflammation is vital in order to alleviate current symptoms and prevent recurrence. 

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