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Body After Baby - Mommy and Me July 9 from 1 to 2 PM @ Home Base PT

New babies are hard…especially on your body! The lifting, bending, and twisting involved with caring for an infant can contribute to wrist, elbow, neck, and back pain in many new moms. Join Jacinda Hover, DC from Vital Health Solutions and Brinda Rathod, MSPT, CLT of Home Base Physical Therapy in this interactive workshop. Jacinda will address how to restore proper body mechanics so you stay pain free, allowing you to live to your highest potential! Brinda, an infant physical therapy specialist,  will review developmental skills to work on with your baby, while using positioning and mechanics learned by Jacinda.  


Body After Baby – Mommy and Me
Body After Baby – Mommy and Me

Brinda Rathod, PT CLT

Brinda has been a physical therapist for over 13 years. She has two primary specialties working with infants and toddlers and she is a certified lymphedema therapist.  Her  pediatric specialty consists of working with infants with diagnoses or concerns including difficulty tolerating tummy time,  torticollis, plagiocephaly or brachycephaly, and delays in reaching developmental milestones. She also works with infants and toddlers with genetic disorders, Cerebral Palsy, Down’s Syndrome, neurological issues, and hypotonia,  She offers a variety of infant and Mommy and Me Classes. Brinda is certified in the TummyTime! Method, which helps infants with tummy time and developmental skills. 
Her other specialy is working with patients with lymphedema. She became a certified lymphedema therapist over 3 years ago. This specialty allows her to help people manage their lymphedema with complete decongestive therapy including manual lymph drainage and multi-layer compression bandaging. With this therapy, people with lymphedema will learn how to manage their lymphedema and prevent flair ups in the future. 
Brinda and Mike have built their practice working compassionately with each patient providing individualized care working with the patient as a whole and educating them on ways to recover and prevent any future injuries, flare ups, or developmental concerns. 

Dr. Jacinda Hover

As a licensed chiropractor with a background in sports medicine (and a former dancer myself), I am skilled at treating a wide variety of physical injuries and symptoms. By founding Vital Health Solutions, I am able to spend more time with patients and offer a holistic approach that combines compassionate chiropractic care and sports medicine along with nutrition counseling and functional medicine testing, a science-based approach that aims to identify and address the root causes behind the pain. I am passionate about helping women who have come to accept pain and symptoms such as painful periods, digestive issues, and even skin outbreaks as something they just “have to deal with.” I challenge my clients to raise their health expectations (I call them health-pectations!) and help them take charge of their health so they can get back to enjoying whatever is most important to them in life.